Vera Hyatt

Like many doulas, I feel that I have been called to support birthing people and their families. This call became even more pronounced with the birth of my niece in 2018. Bearing witness to my sister’s courage, determination, strength, and vulnerability during her long and challenging labor was a profound experience that changed my perspective on no less than life itself. Additionally, witnessing the work of her support team (midwife and doula at home; team of doctors and nurses at the hospital) opened my eyes to an important way that I could contribute to birthing people and their families during this particularly powerful and vulnerable experience in their lives.

I believe that the birth experience matters. The postpartum period matters. Integrating a new human into a family system matters. These are major life events that benefit greatly from having a strong support system. I advocate for a birthing person by encouraging them to use their own voice; exercise a gentle demand for a birthing person’s right to informed consent and informed decision making; employ a myriad ways to comfort a birthing person during the challenges of labor; and provide encouragement to do everything possible to follow their birth preferences (and help to ensure a positive experience and memory even if it is not possible to follow their preferences). Once home, I support new parents and their families with the most important aspects of the postpartum period: bonding, feeding, sleeping; and assist in whatever way I can to best support the family at any given moment.

I am married with no children, and a dedicated Auntie and Godmother. Outside of my work as a doula, I enjoy meditation and yoga, writing, cooking and baking, creating and promoting art, and immersing myself in nature as much as possible! I am a certified yoga instructor, specializing in restorative yoga, and a Reiki II practitioner.

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