Vera Hyatt

Mission Statement: To support birthing people and their families from pregnancy, childbirth and up to three months postpartum by providing informational, emotional and physical assistance and biodynamic care.

Vera is a certified Labor Doula and Postpartum Doula in process, serving the greater Portland area. She received training and certification through Birthingway College of Midwifery’s rigorous program which observes the biodynamic model of care.

Like many doulas, Vera feels that she has been called to support birthing people and their families. This call became even more pronounced with the birth of her niece in 2018. Bearing witness to her sister’s courage, determination, strength, and vulnerability during her long and challenging labor and recovery postpartum was a profound experience that changed her perspective on no less than life itself. Vera naturally fell into the role of postpartum doula and ‘night nurse’ before she knew those jobs existed. She found it an honor and privilege to be of service to her sister, her partner, and their baby girl. Not only did she fall in love with her niece during that time – she fell in love with the work of supporting families as they welcomed a new being into the world. She found great purpose and meaning in making the transition into parenthood as smooth as possible by helping with whatever needed to be attended to in any given moment (sleeping, feeding, cleaning, cooking, listening, etc.).

Vera believes that the birth experience matters; the postpartum period matters; integrating a new human into a family system matters. These are major life events that benefit greatly from having a strong support system. She wholeheartedly loves this work.

She lives with her partner in NE Portland, and is a dedicated Auntie and Godmother. Outside of her work as a doula and videographer, she enjoys meditation and yoga, writing, cooking and baking, creating and promoting art, and immersing herself in nature as much as possible! Vera is a certified yoga instructor, specializing in restorative yoga, and a Reiki II practitioner.