Stormy Franckowiak

Greetings! My name is Stormy and I am a trained student birth doula through Birthingway College of Midwifery. I was drawn to this work because I strongly feel that women need to feel empowered during their birth experiences and have space to realize the miraculous capabilities of their own bodies. My goal is helping women to realize the incredible power they have within themselves! I believe in the power of informed choice. We are amazing, capable beings!

I believe that every woman has a right to a beautiful birth that respects and honors her body, baby, and choices.

I will be there to support you throughout your birth journey, and be as present as you need me to be in order to support your birth. I can assist with evidence-based information, birth support (positioning, touch, comfort measures, soothing reassurances), and wherever else you need helping hands during the process. I will hold a safe, non-judgmental, comfortable, calm space for you to live your journey. I attend home births, birth center births, and hospital births.

It would be an honor to assist you during this profound and life-changing event. Bringing new life into the world is an incredibly magical and spiritual journey, and I would love to help you spread the love and light!

**Because I am in the process of completing certification, I can currently offer my services on a volunteer basis.”

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