Specialized Programs

Birthingway’s Specialized Programs educate individuals in the broader midwifery scope of practice, carving out stand-alone professions that support birthing women and their families.

Whether it is the prenatal information, and emotional and physical support given by Labor Doulas; Biodynamic childbirth classes and workshops taught by Childbirth Educators; or the newborn care expertise of the Postpartum Doula, students in Birthingway’s Specialized Programs can offer clients a subset of the midwifery arts and sciences.

Our Specialized Programs offer both theoretical and skills-based learning, including in-class time and a practicum. Each program provides students with a firm foundation in the overall philosophy of the Biodynamic Model of Care, as well as clear guidelines as to the specific scope of practice involved in their particular profession.

Students in our Specialized Programs are not eligible for federal student aid. Students interested in becoming a Labor Doula are encouraged learn more about our Labor Doula Scholarship Program.

Birthingway does not offer online courses.

Greetings from Raeben, our Specialized Programs Coordinator!

Raeben_webI first discovered my calling for birth work after being invited to attend a friend’s birth in 2001.  I was initially trained as a birth doula through DONA in early 2002 but after several years of practicing as a doula as well as the homebirth of my son, I wanted a different perspective.  I took Birthingway’s Labor Doula training in 2006 and felt like I was able to connect a lot of missing pieces to the questions I had been asking about birth support for the past several years.  Two of the biggest pieces were the addition of the Biodynamic model and the need for a supportive doula community.  With the philosophical foundation of the Biodynamic model of care and the structure of being deeply integrated into the Portland birth community, I was able to have a successful, sustainable and deeply enjoyable doula practice for the next half a dozen years.

Fast forward to 2013 as I came on as the Specialized Programs Coordinator.  I truly appreciate that Birthingway has one of the most rigorous training and certification process available for doulas and childbirth educators.  I love that our students have direct access to mentorship as a part of their certification process and I deeply enjoy providing much of that one-on-one and small group mentorship and oversight.