Selina Finley

Greater Portland Area

I first recall being interested in supporting women and assisting women in labor in the Summer of 2014. I had begun studying herbalism and how to use plant medicine to encourage and upkeep women’s health. A friend had described to me his experience encapsulating a Placenta for his sister-in-law and I could not stop thinking about it. I was completely absorbed! The more I read and educated myself about birth, the more I wanted to know. And as I continued creating herbal teas and nipple salves for my expecting friends and family, I also discovered that supporting these women was important to me. Helping them choose techniques and plant allies which are safe and effective throughout their pregnancies is unbelievably rewarding and beautiful!

Birthingway has provided me with a network of like-minded individuals and hands on training to help women through this unique time. Down the road, I am excited to continue my training by becoming certified in Placenta Encapsulation and Post-Partum Doula work, and by advocating for the rights of parents on a legislative level. My background in social justice advocating and lobbying for various issues in my home state of Kentucky has equipped me with the experience and confidence I will need to plant the seeds of change for growing families.

Captivated by the natural beauty of the PNW, in my free time I enjoy camping, hiking, and and wildcrafting! My mission as a Doula is to support and empower mothers in each stage of their maternity by using a practical, non-judgmental, heart-centered approach. I have experience with Water Birth and VBAC Mamas. If you would like more information about me or would like to discuss working together, please send me an email or give me call!