Sarah Krebs

Sarah Krebs-Greater Portland area, Vancouver and Camas-
Certified in 2010
Phone: 503-888-0058

My journey to become a certified labor doula began in 2008.  I have witnessed home births, hospital births, natural and medicated births. I also have experience supporting births that involve VBAC, epidural, induction and cesarean.  I strongly believe in every woman’s ability to birth her baby with or without the help of the medical establishment.  I also believe that the manner in which a woman births, can and does directly influence her self image.  Whether a woman is having a natural birth or a medicated birth, every laboring mother deserves to be cared for, her values honored, and her decisions respected.  As a birth doula one of my goals is to provide the type of assistance that will best help the laboring mother and her partner to have a satisfying birth experience.  Another one of my goals is to provide support that compliments the working relationship mothers already have with their care providers.  Please visit me on the web or email me for additional information. I look forward to hearing from you!