Sarah Christiansen

-Greater Portland Area-
Phone: 503-539-4230

My love of birth began almost fifteen years ago as an adolescent, and has only grown since. After attending my sister’s birth when I was nineteen years old, I was officially hooked! Since then I have attended births for friends, had two of my own children (attended by midwives from Birthingway), and in the last year spent time working one on one with young single women through an adoption agency as birth support. I have had the privilege of providing doula support at four births just this past year. Birth, to me, can and should be one of the most empowering and peaceful experiences in a woman’s life. It is my goal to help every woman that I can attain that peace and empowerment. In addition to experience, I offer flexibility for prenatal and postnatal appointments, and because I have built in childcare for my girls (grandma lives with us) making it to your birth in a timely manner shouldn’t be a problem! My hope, if there is enough time, is for three prenatal visits, to really get to know one another, go over birth plans and to discuss coping techniques, and two postnatal visits to help get you ‘settled’ into life with your new little one, including breastfeeding support if desired. I am also available by phone and email for support in between visits.