Postpartum Doula Scholarship Program

The Postpartum Doula Scholarship is open to students from communities where access to that population is difficult for someone outside that community. Examples of such populations include:

• bilingual (native language and English) students;
• women of color;
• students who work with or are a part of the incarcerated-women’s community;
• students who work with or are a part of the homeless women’s population

Students must show both enthusiasm for doula work and the ability to bring this work back to their specific communities. This scholarship covers half of the tuition and application, enrollment, registration, and technology fees for the Portpartum Doula Workshop. Recipients are required to purchase necessary texts, course-packs, and equipment, and to pay other required fees, including late registration fees if enrolling after the registration deadline.

If the scholarship student finishes the practicum in one year, Birthingway will waive the certification fee. If more time is needed beyond one year, the student will need to fill out a Petition for Exception to Policy (available on our Documents and Forms page) form for an extension and pay the fee when ready to certify.

Birthingway strives to provide diversity and multi-vocal trainings by not being redundant in our awards of scholarships. Applications are evaluated based on the population they are planning to work with and the level of need in the community population. If not immediately awarded, scholarship applications will be held for one year based on the date of receipt. The student will have to re-apply after one year to continue to be considered for the scholarship.

If you feel you qualify and would like to apply, please complete the Postpartum Doula Scholarship Application (This form can be downloaded, filled out on your computer, saved and then emailed. You can also print it, fill it out by hand and fax it or mail it in. Do not try to fill it out in the browser window that opens.).