How to Apply to the Childbirth Educator Program

There are no prerequisite requirements for this program.If you are interested in certifying as a Childbirth Educator, you must:

  • Apply and be accepted into the program;
  • Enroll;
  • Complete the workshop; and
  • Complete independent work before you can begin the practicum.

You may alternately apply to and enroll in the program after you take the workshop. Please contact the Specialized Programs Coordinator for more details.

The Childbirth Educator Workshop is not offered each term. Please view our current Newsletter to see if we have an upcoming workshop or contact us.

Childbirth Educator Program Fees

Application Fee $25.00
Enrollment Fee $75.00
Non-credit Workshop Fee* $595.00
Registration Fee $60.00 per term
Technology Fee $40.00 per term
Certification Fee $50.00
Re-certification Fee $50.00

*Students are also required to purchase a course-pack. Please see registration materials for current course-pack fees.