Admission to the Lactation Program

Birthingway’s Lactation Consultation Program is undergoing significant changes and is not in an active application cycle. Please reference this section of our website for historical information only, as it will be updated soon. To receive notice when applications are available, please fill out the form below.

Birthingway’s Lactation Consultation Program enables students to deliver the Biodynamic Model of Care, which prioritizes the relationship between mother and baby as the central component of breastfeeding consultation. Students are held to a high standard of competency with grades emphasizing professional competence and skill.

Birthingway-educated consultants provide empathy for their clients, are well-trained in collaborative and intimate environments, and are passionate about creating change for families.

Application Details

Birthingway is not currently in an active application cycle. The soonest we would offer a new Lactation Consultation cohort is Fall 2018, though that is not yet finalized.
To receive notice when applications are available, please fill out the form below:

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Program Timeline

First Term: Lactation Core I course
Second Term: Lactation Core II course
Third Term: Lactation Core III course

In addition to the three core courses, Pathway 2 candidates must also complete 300 hours of Clinical Training along with IBLCE’s 14 required Health Sciences and continuing education courses to graduate from Birthingway’s program. Birthingway Lactation Program students have the flexibility to determine when Clinical Training and Health Sciences courses fit best in their schedule. Students may take one to three years to complete their certificate, or two to four years to complete their associate’s degree in Lactation Consultation.

If you have questions and would like to learn more about the program, please contact our Lactation Program Coordinator.