Najma (Maya) Abdirahman

CREDENTIALS/EDUCATION: Birthingway college of midwifery trained

SERVICES OFFERED: Labor and Birth Doula Services

Hi my name is Maya, I am obsessed with learning languages. I am multilingual, I grew up speaking 3 languages and as time went on I just wanted to learn other languages even if it was how to say a certain phrase for example ‘I need water.’ I know 5 languages fluently and I am learning about eight more; this allows me to communicate with a wide range of people and to know more about their culture, religion, and especially to get to know them better as an individual, what they believe in and their goals in life.

I am currently working on getting my doula certificate, I am doing my prerequisites for Nursing program at PCC at the same time. I wanted to be a professional midwife in the future but now I am planning on becoming a nurse-midwife. I do not have any kids but I raised 7 babies from 0 to toddler/preschool age, I got a lot of experience with babies and kids from spending my time taking care of my 12 nieces and nephews. I attended a couple of my nieces’ and nephew’s births and two other births in Africa. One in a hospital and the other was a homebirth, I saw birth in two different continents and in 3 different settings(vaginal birth, C-section, and vacuum-assisted delivery).

I want to be a doula because I want to help expecting mothers and their families get through the most important time of their lives and welcome a new little one to the world with joy and confidence. I help parents create realistic expectations about their labour and birth and experiences and provide them with the support they require so that they are stronger parents when their baby arrives. I believe that parents’ decisions and choices set the endpoints of what is realistically achievable and achieving realistic expectations brings happiness and joy. I want parents to remember their birth experience and tell it with joy in their eyes and not fear.

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