Midwifery Program

IMG_9118_NEW_webOur Midwifery Program is the longest running and largest program offered at Birthingway.

Graduates from this program are prepared to practice as direct-entry midwives, and should have gained the knowledge and experience necessary to seek national certification and/or Oregon state licensure.

The program starts in Spring Term each year.

*Birthingway does not offer online courses at this time.*

Program Goals

Graduates of Birthingway’s Midwifery Program will:

  • have competency in providing Biodynamic midwifery care.
  • be able to use compassionate communication and empathy, and identify feelings and needs.
  • have basic knowledge in a variety of therapeutic modalities.
  • be prepared to be nationally certified by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) and for Oregon state licensing.
  • have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s Degree.

Greetings from Rhonda, our Midwifery Program Coordinator!

Rhonda_webAfter retiring from my midwifery practice of over 30 years, I came to work at Birthingway as the Midwifery Program Coordinator in 2006. I was immediately excited to work with the dedicated midwifery students, seeing in them the same passion that had driven me so many years ago. The difference between us, I found out quickly, was the excellence of the education they were receiving: a thorough, rigorous curriculum of both theory and skills, amazing teachers, and caring mentoring from staff and preceptors. Birthingway gave our students a midwifery education that was, in just a few years, beyond what I had struggled to put together over 30 years. Birthingway graduates, I contend, are true experts in the knowledge of midwifery.

I love having this opportunity to advise both aspiring and current students on their journey to becoming midwives. I advocate for you who wish to carry the torch, supporting, and attending women who choose to have their babies in an out of hospital setting.

As you get to know Birthingway’s Midwifery Program better, I encourage you to visit us for a tour or to sit in on a class.