Megan Sears

Megan SearsServing Portland and surrounding areas

Hi! My name is Megan and I am a certified doula ready to put my fresh knowledge and passion into hands on experience. I am very passionate about birth and empowering women to make informed decisions on what feels right to them. I am fueled by compassion,empathy,new knowledge and the ability to be supportive and reliable in many life situations. I strongly believe that when a mama brings her child into the world, she needs to feel safe,loved and heard. I offer myself,my hands and heart to expectant mamas during this precious,transforming time!
As a labor doula my goal is to help you on this journey,so that you feel you have all the information,comfort measures and support you may need to have the most satisfying birth experience possible.

My passion for connections and building bonds with families 15yrs ago when I decided to pursue the childcare field. I got certified as a professional nanny in 2000 and worked out of the homes of the families I served. From the births of new siblings to sending their school aged child off to their first day of Kindergarten. After giving birth to my own daughter in 2006, I continued to offer my childcare services to these families with my own child along side of me. Soon it became time to stay at home with her and guide her through her elementary school yrs.

I currently continue to build relationships and connections with families and children out of my own home by offering daycare services. I plan on making this new career change smooth and steady for all involved. I am confident and eager to serve you and your family as well.