Maggie Bennett

Maggie Bennett-Greater Portland Area-
Phone: 360-606-0931

Speaks some Spanish and French

I am a student doula and aspiring midwife.  I would be honored and delighted to support you and your partner through your birth experience.  I believe that birth is a natural process and an important transformational moment that should be celebrated and protected.  As your doula, I would provide emotional and physical support during early labor through childbirth and immediate postpartum, guide you through relaxation techniques and suggest strategies for pain management.  I would work to safeguard a calm and loving environment in your birthroom and assist you in making the best possible decisions for your baby and yourself.  I am interested in working with mothers and families from all backgrounds and feel comfortable supporting births in hospitals, birth centers and at home.  I am conversational in Spanish and French. Please contact me to schedule an interview!

Services provided: 2-3 prenatal visits, support during early labor through childbirth and the immediate postpartum, 2 postpartum visits to assist with breastfeeding and infant care and to discuss your birth experience.  I am also available anytime by phone or email throughout pregnancy.