Lylia Sinenko

Lylia SinenkoMy name is Lylia Sinenko and I am a certified labor and birth doula living in Delta Junction, Alaska.

I have always been fascinated with the birth process, from beginning to end. I grew up in a big Russian family and have heard many birth stories from women, including my mom. The way they were treated in the hospitals, even in America, sometimes didn’t sit well with me. I decided I would like to make a small difference in a positive way.

I searched for a place to be trained as a doula and I was especially glad when I got to meet the people at Birthingway College of Midwifery, where I decided to get my training. The culture and people there were different from what I was familiar with but the atmosphere was very positive. It made me want to stay there, or at least take a little bit of that home with me. It really helped me see things differently and hope for even better outcomes and birth stories from hospitals. I look forward to working with OBs and Midwives to help provide the best care for mothers, babies and their families.

My belief is that newborns are miracles from Heaven that help ease the suffering and despair. Birth is beautiful, empowering and comforting.

I serve families between Delta Junction and Fairbanks and would love to set up an interview with you to see if we are a good fit. I speak fluent Russian and love working with the Russian families in the community. You can contact me at