Accessing Other Libraries

Get access to your local libraries. The Portland metro area, Washington, and Oregon are very user-friendly library communities. With your library card barcode and PIN from your local community library, you can reserve materials and pick them up at a later time, and get access to the library’s journal databases.

Most of the community libraries are also linked together by consortia agreements. This means that they partner together so you can use as many libraries as you need, even if they are not in your home community. Check out the library borrowing policies to learn more.

Learn to find items in libraries. One of the easiest ways to find which libraries have the items you want is through WorldCat. You can think of WorldCat as a massive library catalog. It looks up books, articles, media and more. By reading the first page of its website, you can learn many of the ways WorldCat can help you with your research project.

You can search for titles, authors and subjects just like any library catalog. Once you find and click on the item that you want, WorldCat will show you the libraries closest to you that carry the item once you put in your local zip code. You can even click through to that library’s catalog, in most cases, for further information.