Leora Marialicia González

Leora Marialicia González’s interest in midwifery and the cycles of life and death began in her late teens after attending her niece’s home birth seven months after the death of her brother-in-law. For almost 16 years, as a CPM, labor and postpartum doula & childbirth educator, she served childbearing families via Daraluz Midwifery Services, her practice in the greater Boston area. Now, so happy to be at Birthingway, she teaches Complex Situations III, merging her knowledge of the biodynamic midwifery model with her extensive experience as a palliative and critical care RN. She is passionate about building bridges between the traditional and modern medical communities – helping each to become culturally sensitive to one another. Spanish is her first language and she is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese. She currently works in home–health in Portland and is always learning. For fun, she hikes, camps, dances, writes poetry and prose, brews tasty teas, hangs in her hammock, and spends as much time in nature as possible.

Email: marialicia.gonzalez@birthingway.edu