Pathway 2 Certificate Program

The Certificate Program was designed to be completed within one academic calendar year. Though it is designed to be completed in a year, some students take longer to complete the program.

Students seeking a Certificate in Lactation Consultation will need to meet the minimum requirements as noted in the Pathway 2 Overview page.

Summary of the Certificate in Lactation:

15 quarter credit hours in Lactation-Specific Courses
18 quarter credit hours in Health Science Courses
10-17 quarter credit hours in Clinical Training Credits
43-47 total quarter credit hours

To graduate with a Birthingway Certificate in Lactation Consultation, you must complete the following graduation requirements:

  • All required coursework.
  • All clinical requirements.
  • Independent learning requirements, including cohort attendance.
  • Documentation of lactation consultation skills, practice, and assessment on college-approved forms.
  • All financial obligations to Birthingway paid in full.