Admission to the Pathway 2 Program

Birthingway’s Lactation Consultation Program is undergoing significant changes and is not in an active application cycle. Please reference this section of our website for historical information only, as it will be updated soon. To receive notice when applications are available, please fill out this form

Our admissions process provides you ample opportunity to consider whether this professional and educational pathway is the best fit for you, and provides us multiple ways to get to know you better. The process includes a written application and a personal interview.

Details about our admissions process, including specific prerequisite requirements, are listed in our Student Handbook and Catalog and in the current Lactation Consultation Program Application Packet, which is posted to the website on June 1st each year.

We strongly encourage you to read all the admissions material carefully and get in touch with our Lactation Program Coordinator with any questions.

If you are interested in visiting our school, please consider joining us for a free Program Information Session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lactation Admissions

What vaccines do I need to have to attend your college?

There is no requirement for receiving any vaccines. Students enrolling in the Midwifery and Lactation Consultation programs will need to submit proof of immunization to measles. Proof of immunization could include the dates of vaccination, certification of contracting measles, or the results of a titre test indicating immunity.

Students may also certify a nonmedical or medical exemption in lieu of proof of immunization.

Students enrolled in the Childbirth Educator, Labor Doula, and Postpartum Doula programs, as well as community students not enrolled in any program, are not required to submit any immunization information.

Please read our latest Student Handbook and Catalog for the most current Vaccine Policy.

How can I strengthen my application to your Lactation Program?

In general:

  • Answer all the essay questions as clearly as possible. Use details to fully illustrate your experiences, but keep the essays on topic and relevant to a college application.
  • Proofread and edit your essays for content as well as writing quality (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and conventions).
  • Ask your references to send personalized letters that speak to the skills you have which will lend to your success not just in this program, but also in this profession.

There are many opportunities to demonstrate your desire to pursue Lactation Consultation and your commitment to a Birthingway education:

  • Read as many parenting, doula, and breastfeeding books and journals as you can.
  • Attend parenting, doula, and breastfeeding conferences.
  • Join local parenting, doula, and breastfeeding groups.
  • Take classes or workshops on breastfeeding-related topics.
  • Care for families as a postpartum doula.
  • Care for families as a breastfeeding educator.
  • Shadow an IBCLC.
  • Take an IBCLC out to dinner to learn about her experiences in the field.
  • Spend time in the Birthingway community – meet with our Lactation Program Coordinator, sit in on a class, take a course, or browse our library.

And then tell us about all these things you’ve done to learn about, decide on, and prepare for this path!

What happens after I submit my application?

You will be contacted after your application has been received by Birthingway; if anything is missing at this point, you will be asked to provide the missing documentation. We will also arrange an interview time at this point.

When will I find out if I’ve been admitted?

We select our matriculating class in early July and notify all applicants as quickly as possible soon thereafter.

If I get in, when will I start?

Birthingway’s Lactation Program starts in the Fall Term.

If I am seeking a degree, when do I need to take the general education courses?

General education courses must be transferred in from another eligible institution but can be taken at any time.

  • You can complete some or all gen ed requirements prior to enrolling in the program.
  • You can complete some or all gen ed requirements while you are completing the other credit requirements for the program (Summer terms are a good time to do this).
  • You can complete some or all gen ed requirements while you are still enrolled in the program but after you have completed the other credit requirements for the program.
  • You can graduate with the certificate, complete any remaining gen ed requirements after graduation, and “upgrade” your certificate to the degree*.
    • *Must be completed within the specified timeframe for an “upgrade” to occur.
    • Check the program-specific requirements. Additional program courses may be required to complete an “upgrade”. Contact your Program Coordinator for questions about how this would work.
  • You could choose any combination of these options so long as you have completed all of the gen ed requirements prior to being awarded the degree.