Lacey Dean-Sangare

Greetings! My name is Lacey and I am a trained Labor and Postpartum Doula providing one or both services to women and families. Before becoming a doula I have had ample experience working with diverse communities and in multicultural settings. I feel driven to serve women, as well as multicultural families, who are seeking support during the pivotal and life changing experiences of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the first few months of bringing the precious new soul home.

I am here to assist with change and adjustment. I am a supporter, an encourager, a listener, and an informer. Education is how we make informed decisions. An important aspect of my work is to assist in the education and information accessed by the mother and family so that she can then make informed choices about her labor, delivery and postpartum infant care that match her needs and wants in having the most fulfilling birth experience. Each woman has the RIGHT to labor and deliver how she sees RIGHT for herself.

As a labor doula I believe in providing a safe, calm, and woman-centered laboring space. I provide trauma-informed care. I also believe in being a tool for helping partners take on a supportive role during labor. If desired by the mother and partner, my focus as a labor doula is to assist the partner in providing soothing support in whichever capacity the woman needs. This partner support can not only increase the safety a woman feels during the vulnerable process of labor and delivery but it is an incredible bonding experience for the couple. I support women in what they need with no judgement or influence to change or go in one specific direction. Women do what they need. I serve women in home births or hospital births. I serve women with all types of births, whether it be a natural vaginal delivery, a medicated or epidural vaginal delivery, induced labor, or caesarean birth. I encourage – you be true to you.

I am inspired by women’s strengths, abilities, intuitions, and individual processes of becoming or being mothers. I am extremely eager and passionate in my work of supporting women and families during this miraculous transition. Each mother and family I work with has different needs; our time together fits your desires. My hopes are to assist a family to labor, deliver, and live in a postpartum atmosphere where they can look back on their first memories with the new child with a “wasn’t it wonderful” attitude.

In addition to providing labor and postpartum doula services, I am in the process of becoming a certified Birth Educator in hopes of teaching Childbirth Preparation classes to low-income and multi-cultural families. When I am not “doula-ing” or teaching I enjoy gardening, biking, reading, blowing bubbles with my son, and spending time with family here in the US and in Senegal!

Diam ak Salam. Peace and Peace.