Labor of Love: A Final Message

Dear Birthingway Community,

I am honored and humbled by your support. Just two weeks ago, the College announced our first ever Labor of Love campaign to reach 250 donors before the start of our Fall term. This number was certainly a reach goal for us, as we’ve never undertaken fundraising quite like this before.

While we did not reach our donor participation goal, we did reach you: our community.

We received donations from current students, alumni (new and seasoned), staff, and faculty who wanted to express their gratitude for what Birthingway has done for them. Remarkably, we also received donations from friends, family members, and colleagues of our community members who were impressed with Birthingway’s unique ability to nurture passionate people into compassionate practitioners. You gave, you shared, and you brought us forward in our mission. Thank you.

Together, we raised a total of $2,305 in support of Birthingway and our programs. These funds will be put towards scholarships, teaching tools and classroom equipment, professional development, and more.

You did this– we did this. Thank you for joining us in our Labor of Love.

Holly Scholles

You can support Birthingway year-round by giving, volunteering, joining rewards programs, and more! Learn more on our Donate page and contact with any questions.

Thank You to Our Labor of Love Donors:

Anne Albaugh
Catherine Bailey
Nicole Bendotoff
Margaret Bennett
Marcela Bonilla
Elizabeth Bragg
Bridgetown Baby
Sara Brody
Caley Brown
Allison Casler
Elaura Dunning
Andrea Ferroni
Regina Flanagan
Lucy French
Glow Midwifery
Alimah Hall
Eleanor Hawkins
Celeste Kersey
Jaime Lefcovich
Rosemary Loperena
Stacey Maurer
Carrie McCormick
Lorell Miller
Susan Moray
Kori Muth
Mary Kathleen Nelson
Mirra Nerenberg
Genevieve Neyland
Christina Perez
Mike Reding
Nichole Reding-Hoffart
Rosehip Midwifery
Holly Scholles
Schoenfeld & Schoenfeld
Julie Shivley
Dana Slaughterbeck
Anne Smith
Katie Sotor
Emily Stevenson
Tiny Moon Design
Geri Waller
Susan Williams
Alyson Young
Jacqueline Zapp-Garcia

If you are a donor and would like your name to be changed or removed from this list, please email Thank you again for your support!