Katie Rose Alexander

Katie Rose AlexanderPhone: 971-322-9524
Email: katierosedoula@gmail.com
Website: www.rosedoula.com

I believe that birthing a baby is a transformative experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. As a doula, my hope is to help you walk away from the birth experience feeling empowered by and at peace with the story that has unfolded. My interest in working as a doula stems from a lifelong fascination with pregnancy and childbirth. In recent years, I have watched my community grow and celebrated in the birth of my own child as well as the children of my friends and family. I am continually amazed by the miracle of babies growing and being born! I love to spend time with my family, and I am happiest outdoors working in my garden or riding my bike. I also love to cook, watch movies, and read. I have behind me experience as a mother, a classroom teacher, an outdoor educator, a writer, and a student of yoga and meditation. From these experiences, I have cultivated active listening skills and an ability to hold space for the experiences of others. It is my hope to help create a safe and nurturing space in which you can do what you need to do to bring your child into this world!

Services offered: 2-3 prenatal visits, continuous in person support though active labor and delivery, 2 postpartum visits, unlimited contact via phone, text, and email.