Kat Lui

Kat LuiAloha, and mahalo for visiting! I am a healer and meditation therapist, available for doula work in the greater Portland area.

When you enlist my services, you get a stable and mature practitioner who handles situations with calm and grounded mobility. You can relax into a safe bubble of reassurance and fully experience the wondrous miracle that belongs to you and your family. I bring connection, empowerment, and opening into the birthing space.

During your birth, I will be the guiding force that brings you back to center if you get rocked out of balance. When you find yourself in magical moments, I will protect your experience, and facilitate a space for warmth and presence. As your doula, I reinforce your connection with your Self, your values and principles regarding birth and family.

I am enthusiastic about working as a doula, and integrating meditation spaces and techniques into birthwork. In my therapy practice, my major focuses are with Rebirth & Reconnection to Soul Forces (love, joy, compassion, enthusiasm, wonder) and working with trauma. These are skills that will come in handy in the labour room.

May your journey be blessed and rewarding. I look forward to the possibility of working together.

Services provided:
– 1-2 prenatal visits
– On-call availability 2 weeks before and after your estimated due date
– Support throughout labour and 1-2 hours after birth
– 1-2 post partum visits

Client Responsibilities: Services are provided free of charge in return for the following agreements:
– You agree to contact me to schedule prenatal and post partum visits
– You agree to call me when labor begins, understanding that it can take 1-2 hours before I can arrive
– You agree to fill out an evaluation of my services