KariAnne Loy

Pronouns: She, Her

Being the youngest of three by a large margin; when my siblings started having children, naturally I was curious about birth. I reached out to good resources, and this is where I discovered what a Labor Doula was.

Since then, I have witnessed how transformative the birth experience is to a woman, and the impactful role her emotions and autonomy play into it. The confidence gained through a supported birth experience helps mothers trust in themselves and grow in confidence. This is why I entered into the work. I approach each day mindful of the importance of honoring my clients, and treating them with dignity and compassion.

Helping parents to create realistic expectations about their birth and parenting experiences. My job as your Doula and childbirth educator is to help you reach for the optimistic end of your realistic goal for your child’s birth.

When I think about the power of preparing for labor, birth, and parenthood, Barbara Katz sums it up best: “Birth is not only about making babies. It is about making mothers strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength…”

I look forward to meeting you and taking on this journey with you.

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