Jill Lewis

Jill Lewis-Greater Portland and Vancouver Area-
Phone: 360-904-7204
Email: jas578@yahoo.com

After working with prenatal and postpartum care at a local clinic as a Medical Assistant for over 6 years, I realized I was missing out on the most important part, the birth! Being a certified doula has filled that missing gap! What an honor it is to be able to play an active role in the miracle that is birth. As a Christian I would love to work with a mom who desires to have a Christ centered birth, although I would love to support women from different backgrounds, as I feel that every birth is a miracle.
Service Provided: 2-3 prenatal visits, continuous in person support though active labor and delivery,1- 2 postpartum visits as needed.
Please feel free to contact me via phone, text, or email if you have an questions.
Fees: $500 (may be adjustable based on circumstance)