Jessica Brunelle

Jessica BrunelleHi there! My name is Jessica and I am very excited to go on an amazing journey of birth with you! I believe that as a woman you are able to navigate the birth process in a way that feels exactly right for you. You were made to do this! I will join you in this journey through the birth world and support along the way.

I grew up thinking that I wanted to be a nurse, but never knew what specialty. As I grew older I realized that I love the world of pregnancy and birth. I decided that I should work on becoming a midwife instead, but along the way I learned about what a doula is and how much love a doula can share with an expecting family. I fell in love with this idea and here I am, a student doula, in the birth world that I love!

Growing up with just my mom and my sister I learned how to communicate with women and support their goals. I am very lucky to be living with my very supportive older sister, her husband, and their amazing new baby boy, who has the cutest laugh! While living with my mom in eastern Oregon I helped her with a goat farm and business which gave me many opportunities to assist with many goat births. These fun and interesting goat birth experiences only made me fall more in love with the world of human birth.

I hope to be seeing you soon to learn about you and your beautiful new baby!