Jennifer Lunceford

Jennifer LuncefordJennifer Lunceford CD
Birth and Postpartum Doula
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My introduction to the birthing world began with the birth of my son in 1995. I had an amazing, profoundly empowering birth experience and that was thanks in part to my doula. She sat quietly by my side, respecting our space, becoming completely in tune with my needs. She was my action when I had none and my focus when I became lost.  She has been an inspiration for me as a doula leading me to my strongest inspiration, the birthing family.  I strive to become in tune with each client’s unique needs for support, helping moms and partners explore and enhance their personal coping strategies for labor,birth and early  parenting.  I am passionate about getting families off to a good start. I have had the honor of attending hundreds of birthings, the sacred art of birth and motherhood continues to intrigue and amaze me.

The doula in me was born in 2003 when I received my Labor Doula Certificate through Birthingway College of Midwifery. That same year I also attended a massage for birthing course at Oregon school of Massage and several years later that experience inspired me to go back to school for massage therapy. I completed my training at East West School of Massage in 2012. I believe massage can be very beneficial throughout the prenatal and postpartum period. It can also be very helpful in easing the discomforts of labor. I have had the opportunity to put into practice reboso techniques as well as positions that can help facilitate baby into a more favorable birthing position.   I am currently studying Infant massage and childbirth education and look forward to offering these skills to my clients in the future.

I believe caring and educated support during labor can enhance a woman’s trust in her body and in the birth process, allowing women to birth more confidently. Each birth is a miracle and should be met with openness, respect, and unconditional support.  I truly feel that the support women and their families receive during this rite of passage can be paramount positive birthing experience.

I feel fortunate to be able to offer all of my services at a sliding scale $600-$900. There are no requirements to qualify for this fee structure.  Respecting that each families situation is unique, I ask my clients to choose the fee that they are comfortable paying.  I do offer payment plans as well.