Jennifer Allison

Jennifer AllisonPortland-Metro Area
p: 971-409-5968

I am a certified labor doula living in Portland, Oregon and mother to three wondrous children. I have been educating and supporting women in pregnancy and childbirth since 2008. After my cesarean birth with my first child in 2006, I felt compelled to seek deeper answers and healing from my birth story. My quest for my own personal understanding of birth, and how the emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical aspects play important roles in the process, opened a door that began a love affair with supporting and empowering other women on their journey of childbirth and beyond. I chose to have my other two children at home, and celebrated my VBAC childbirths, which brought compassion, love, and healing to my personal experience. It also enabled me to have an ever-increasing awareness for other women’s choices to birth where they feel most safe and comfortable.

I feel called to serve other women and to enable mothers to hear their own voice and wisdom on their birthing journey, tempered with the modern-day science of Western Medicine. I believe that birth is transformational for everyone involved, and it is my mission to preserve what is sacred in this life-changing event.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and three children. I attend births as a labor doula, lead workshops on supporting vbac births and educating women about cesarean birth, and practice energy work. I enjoy playing in the outdoors, traveling to warm places, reading books, and enriching myself through yoga and self-care practices.

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