Harley Rose Ellington

Harley Rose Ellington-Serving the Portland Metro Area-
Phone: 727-433-0686
E-mail: harley.rose.ellington@birthingway.edu

I have had a passion for supporting birthing women and being an advocate for their needs during the birth process for many years. I think it is imperative for all women to be surrounded by optimism and reverence during the emotional and life-altering experience of labor and birth. I will gladly provide informed advice, techniques, and reliable resources for my clients. I believe that birth is a perfectly natural process that any woman can successfully undertake with the proper coaching and empowerment, and without unnecessary medical intervention.I have been witnessing labor, births, and post-partum care since my senior year of high school in 2006 when I was a student intern for a year in the Women’s Center of Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital in Florida. It is a well-documented fact that women who receive supportive comfort and care from an empathetic professional during labor experience less fear which equates to a decrease in pain and a decreased need for medical intervention. I will strive to provide unbiased and continuous care should you select me as your labor doula.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up a meeting!

CPR certified