Hannah Leslie

I’m Hannah, a Full Spectrum Doula providing care in the Portland area. My birth work
is based in the belief that all pregnant people deserve unconditional, non-judgmental
care, regardless of the outcome of their pregnancy. I provide my clients with physical,
emotional, and educational support through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

As your doula, I strive to practice inclusive, compassionate healing in all communities.
I have training providing trauma-informed, Health at Every Size (HAES) models of care.
Much of my experience comes from working with queer families, and I love providing
LGBTQ-affirming care to my clients.

After getting my Bachelor’s Degree in History I was drawn to early childhood
development work by the profound ways that children and parents experience the
world, starting with birth and pregnancy. Over the last year, I completed labor and
postpartum doula training at Birthingway College, and abortion doula training at Full
Spectrum Doula Circle.

Currently, I volunteer as a doula for Gateway Doula Group at Providence Hospital in
Portland and am working on my certification through Birthingway.

I honor that as your doula, you are creating space for me to be a part of this
transformative chapter in your life. Looking forward to connecting with you as your
story unfolds.