Grace Schoenlank

I provide heart-led and open-minded support for pregnant people before, during, and after childbirth. My doula practice honors the biological aspects of birth, relies on evidence-based information, and focuses on collaborative practices. I am sensitive to the diverse needs, intentions, and situation of each person and want my clients to feel heard, capable, and able to make informed decisions while feeling respected by those around them. It is my desire to help reduce fear around birth and reproductive experiences and to be present with my clients throughout their process in whatever physical or emotional state they may be. I am reliable and resourceful, empathetic and curious, with a calm presence and gentle demeanor.
Originally from Arizona, Portland has been home for a decade. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and experience as a legal assistant, caregiver, gardener, yoga instructor, and community organizer, among other things. I speak conversational Spanish, live in SE Portland, and work in all corners of the community. I am trained as a certified labor and postpartum doula through Birthingway College of Midwifery.

The core value of my practice is my belief that all people deserve the power and resources to make decisions about their own bodies, genders, sexualities, and families for themselves and for their communities. Everyone has the right to have children, not to have children, and to parent in a safe, healthy environment.

Grace can be contacted by phone (602)327-3265, email, at DoulaMatch or at