Elizabeth Schroeder

Elizabeth Schroeder-Greater Portland Area- Phone:503-922-9345
Website: www.butterflybirthpdx.com
Rates: $500, sliding scale available

The births of my two children in 1994 and 1997 awakened me to the power of the birth giving experience, and to my own feminine power. Since then, I have continued learning about women’s experience of birth. I have attended hospital births and home births, and have learned something from every birth I have attended. As a midwifery student, I am learning about the mechanisms for birth and what helps and what hinders in birth. I have taken a massage class, and rely on my intuition for what will feel right to the birthing mother. I am taking breastfeeding classes, and plan to work towards being a lactation consultant. I have academic work and personal experience in breastfeeding to bring to your aid.

I bring a calm demeanor, support for partner and others, an encouraging presence for the mother, and facilitation of communication between you and your caregivers to the birth room.