Dianna Steach

It’s exciting welcoming a new little one into a family; congratulations on this new journey in life. Hi! My name is Dianna Steach. I am married to a wonderful man and we have 5 children, 4 boys and a girl. Together, as a family you can find us outside… a lot, swimming in rivers, working in our yard, playing with our 17 chickens and 3 dogs, camping, fishing or hunting. In the winter months I love to bake, sew and attend my children’s wrestling tournaments.

I grew up in Idaho and moved to Oregon shortly after I graduated high school to pursue a career in the childcare field. I have learned so much working with children and families, but my true passion is birth and babies. I discovered this when I was pregnant with my first baby in 2004. I knew exactly what kind of birth I wanted. I gave birth to my son at home, in a tub, with a midwife, all natural. I felt like a warrior! My husband and I loved the experience so much we had the rest of our 4 children the same way.

We have wonderful memories and the experiences with each have made us stronger as partners and as a family. After our last son was born in 2014 I wanted to find a way to help other mothers and their partners find the same satisfaction and joy in their little ones’ arrival. I have a deep love and empathy for others, combined with a desire to do service, and becoming a doula was the next natural step. I am currently enrolled at Birthingway Midwifery College, where I hope to continue my education and become a home birth midwife.

I believe that the best health care addresses a mother as a whole. I look forward to spending time with you before your impending birth to discuss your hopes, dreams and fears for your birth. Before your due date we will also spend time discussing your stresses, triggers, pain relief, and expectations. Through your labor I will be by your side as soon as you need me to help you manage, whether it be through decided medicated pain relief methods or through relaxation, rhythm and repetition. I have experience in counter-pressure methods, acupressure and water therapy, and am happy to learn any new methods you are longing to use. After your little one arrives I will remain with you to answer any questions and to help facilitate your bond with your baby. My goal for every family I work with is to make them feel confident in their birth choices and abilities, no matter what choices they make for themselves, through education and non-judgmental, continual support as individuals and as partners.

AGAIN, Congratulations on your new little one! I look forward to meeting you.