Cre’shea Hilton

creshea-hiltonPhone: 503.999.2258
Areas Serviced:
Salem, Keizer, Santiam Canyon
Fee: Postpartum Fee Range of $25-35,
Labor Fee $600-1200

Postpartum Doula Bio:
As your postpartum doula I know how invaluable support after a baby can be. I offer the essentials that every family needs to get going on the right foot: Emotional support, strong baby feeding experiences (breastfeeding, bottle and/or formula), newborn care and many other accommodations that support you as you learn your new baby. You know what raising your baby looks like and I am not there to change that. I provide you unbiased non-judgmental support while you traverse the following days and weeks of having a baby. Basic infant care, providing education as it is needed and supporting you as the weary hours may feel like too much. I give families the opportunity to rest, replenish and get started on the right foot in a way that feels right for them. As your doula I provide you with a safe environment for transitioning into parenthood. I support all family dynamics and look forward to working with you.

Birth Doula Bio:
As your birth doula I aim to be an important facet of your birth support team. I provide unbiased, non-judgmental support in whichever way you choose to birth.
Whether you decide to birth at home or the hospital or with an OB/GYN or a Midwife, I support all types of birth. My specialties lie in supporting high risk, VBAC and unique family dynamics. I am on call and work with a fellow doula to be on call from the minute you sign my services. If you deliver at 28 weeks or at 42 you can be rest assured that a doula will be at your birth. My many experiences with birth allow me to support you in your birth vision and however it feels best for you. As your doula I work professionally with other staff to support you during one of your most pivotal moments in your life.

Specialities Postpartum:
Multiples, Cesarean Support, Day/Night support, Cooking for all dietary needs, LGBTQ Families, Surrogacy, Belly Binding

Specialities Labor:
VBAC, High Risk, Cesarean, LGBTQ Families, Surrogacy