Corinne Friedrich

Corinne FriedrichCorinne Friedrich, Postpartum Doula, Labor Doula
Clackamas County and Greater Portland Area
p: 971-295-8156

I came upon doula work in 2010 when I thought my calling was to become a midwife; after researching many different schools across the U.S., I knew Birthingway was the right one for me. I discovered that their labor doula training was one of the prerequisites to apply to the midwifery program, so I dutifully took it and completed it, knowing that I had to be patient until I could start my midwifery training.

But a funny thing happened…. other doulas began asking me to attend births with them and back them up, and I did, reluctantly, until I slowly began to realize that doula work was actually where I found my heart and dedication to be.

I have now been a labor and birth doula since 2010, and a postpartum doula since 2012. I believe the most important skills and aspects I can give as a postpartum doula are the nurturance of the mother, baby, and family unit as a whole. Each family is very unique, and therefore has various needs, wants and preferences. I work with you to individualize my services to you and your family in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way.