Corie Keller

Corie Keller-Greater Portland Area-


I have attended many births as a doula, including hospital and birth center births. My passion is natural birth and providing education and support in that direction.  Having said  that, I believe that my job is to support the mother in whatever birth she chooses to have.

Services provided:
– 2-3 prenatal meetings, attendance at the birth, 1 postpartum meeting
– Education about labor processes, what to expect at the hospital (if that is where you are birthing), pain management, coping techniques, intervention     risks, help with breast feeding
– Support for partner in how to best help you through labor and what to expect

Cost – $700 (This may be adjusted based on circumstances)

I believe that it is important to educate yourself as much as you can because it helps you to make educated and solid decisions. My motto as a doula is to “Trust Birth”.