Claire Hoffman

Claire HoffmanGiving birth is a transformative experience that is unique to every mother and baby. As a doula, my primary goal is to provide you with the individualized support you need for a satisfying birth experience that matches your preferences and priorities. In whatever setting you choose for your birth, I can help you make sure you are aware and informed of your options so that you can fully participate in making decisions that affect you and your baby. As your birth unfolds, I hold the space for your experience, offering physical and emotional support that is tailored to your needs in the moment. If you plan to give birth with a spouse or partner present, I will seek to provide the reinforcement needed so that both of you can feel fully present for one another and the experience of giving birth to your baby. I consider my job done when you are nestled with your new little one, feeling nurtured and ready to confidently embark on your journey as a parent.

My passion for birth work started out as an academic one. I focused my undergraduate studies in Anthropology on birth in the United States and, through that experience, became profoundly aware of the wide disparities in women’s experiences of birth in this country. There are many ways to give birth and each birth unfolds uniquely, but every woman woman should feel respected, understood, and as in control as possible throughout her childbearing experience. I became a labor doula out of a deep desire that as many women and families as possible have empowering birth experiences that sets a solid foundation for the challenges and joys of the years to come.

I want the clients I serve to have the highest quality of support possible, so training and continuing education are high priorities for me. I’ve completed labor doula trainings through Birthingway College of Midwifery and the International Center for Traditional Childbearing and am trained to use acupressure for comfort and support during labor. I joined Birthing Stone Doula and Childbirth Service’s mentorship program in June 2015 to further my knowledge of best practices for supporting laboring women.

When I’m not absorbed in birth work, I love exploring Portland’s nooks and crannies, hiking, downhill skiing, and just about any sport that involves being on the water. In a former life, I was a classically trained vocalist. These days, I dust off my vocal chords every once in awhile at the occasional karaoke night. Really good storytelling, music by Joni Mitchell, and home-grown tomatoes are other things that bring me joy.

I hope for the opportunity to come alongside you in your journey!

What I offer:

  • Someone to help you sift through the myriad of information available on pregnancy and childbirth, and unlimited consultation from the time of hire to six weeks postpartum for whenever questions arise.
  • Two prenatal appointments where we will identify your desires for your birth, your unique coping strategies, and create a plan for preparing for the birth you want.
  • Continuous physical and emotional support through active labor until one to two hours postpartum.
  • Two postpartum visits where we will process your birth experience together and talk about caring for your newborn.