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Annie Gilligan

Annie is a mom to two beautiful boys, as well as a postpartum doula, a trained labor doula and a licensed middle grades teacher. Her journey to finding joy in mothering has been a central part of her adult life, and she loves helping families find comfort during their earliest days. Her hope is that postpartum support allows parents to more deeply bond with their babies and establish a path of mutual understanding and joy.

Annie spent her earliest days under the Redwood trees in Boulder Creek, California – a reason perhaps that she has always loved tall trees and the quiet rhythm of nature. In becoming a mother herself, she had to learn how to slow down, trust her instincts and practice self care. As a postpartum doula she brings a grounded, warm and empathetic presence to all parents – respecting both the intense joys and challenges of raising children.

Annie completed her postpartum doula certificate through Birthingway College, her labor doula certificate through Doulas of North America (DONA) and graduated from Whitman College with a BA in Politics. She completed her Masters of Teaching from University of Portland and has a particular interest in positive discipline for classrooms and parents. In her free time, she enjoys walking with her dog and spending time in the Gifford Pinchot national forest with her family.

Calina Selmanson

Serving Portland and surrounding areas since 2005-(Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington and parts of Yamhill County)

I welcome clients of all backgrounds, diversities, ethnicities, sexualities, genders and family structures. Offering non judgemental support, evidenced based and current education to support informed decision making.

I am a Certified Postpartum & Labor Doula through Birthingway College, a Certified Educator of Infant Massage through the International Association of Infant Massage and Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist through the International Placenta & Postpartum Association.

I began my path as a doula at age 18 and completed my labor doula training at Birthingway in 1998. That same year I worked with my best friend through the entire process of prenatal care, labor and postpartum time. I later helped that friend prepare for and welcome two more children as her doula and nanny. These experiences were pivotal in shaping my identity and philosophy as a doula. Through these early experiences I realized the value and benefits of continuity-of-care, serving families throughout the entire childbearing year.

While embarking on a career as a doula, my passion for the healing arts grew as I sought out many opportunities to add to my caregiver skill set. These include massage therapy, reiki, nutrition and herbal medicine, among many other modalities.

I formally completed my postpartum doula training, while enrolled in the midwifery program and certified in 2011.

I completed my midwifery studies in 2016. It was through this rigorous program and becoming a mother that I realized my deepest desire, serving women and their families in the role of a doula. Albeit, more skilled, confident and educated.

When preparing to have my own child, I was met with a myriad of unforeseen challenges. I experienced a surprise cesarean, after working very hard for three days to have an un-medicated water birth. Heavy with sadness and disappointment, I realized that my baby had her own plan. The birth had to unfold on its own accord, in order to provide a safe outcome for us both a very tough new mama lesson that has humbled me and given me even greater compassion for “Homebirth Cesarean Mamas” and all cesarean mothers alike. Planned or unplanned surgical birth is an incredible rite of passage to motherhood and is often an arduous recovery, which I see as under recognized.

I offer group and private infant massage classes at a discounted rate for doula clients. See and for details. And placenta encapsulation services and remedies. Doula clients receive a special rate through available packages.

As an experienced herbalist, nutritional counselor and trained midwife, I instinctually incorporate this collective wisdom into all of my work.
I feel honored to serve your family during this transformative time!

When I’m not supporting you as your doula….
I enjoy spending quality time with my fun-loving and wild daughter Tulsie and my sweet and wonderful husband Aaron, along with our high strung and talkative furry child Mate’
My passions include wild-crafting herbs, plant medicine, cooking and kitchen alchemy, wine, gardening, aromatherapy, astrology, yoga, hula hooping, tarot, music and being near water.


Marissa Diebolt

Marissa Diebolt, Postpartum Doula
The Blessed Nest Doula Care
Serving the Portland metro area
p: 805-815-8972

I have been passionate about caring for babies, mothers, and families for most of my life. My work as a postpartum doula allows me to apply my natural and intuitive gifts in communication, organization, and caregiving in a truly meaningful way during the precious time after birth.
My purpose as a postpartum doula is to support you in getting to know your newborn baby and yourself, finding a sense of peace and rhythm in your new paradigm. Whether I am holding baby so you can get some rest or take a shower, preparing a nourishing meal, or offering a listening ear, I want you to have the most healing postpartum experience possible. I provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for you and your baby to rest and recover, empowering you to create a healthy foundation for a bright future with your family.
I feel that humans are born with an innate ability to care for their babies. Raising children is a deeply rewarding and invaluable aspect of life that I am honored to witness and support. I believe that quality postpartum care can contribute greatly to creating a positive future for families and generations to come.
My additional qualifications include:
-B.A. in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Sustainable Community Development from UC Santa Barbara
-15+ years of childcare experience
-Excellent nanny and doula references in the Portland area and beyond
-Certified Usui Reiki practitioner
-Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA Essential Oils.

Taryn Ackelson

TarynAckelsonTaryn is a certified postpartum doula, completing classes at Birthingway College of Midwifery to be eligible to sit for the IBCLC board exam in 2016.

Taryn is a devoted mother of two. Her childbirth experiences inspired a desire to work with families, helping to build support for new parents through the prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum periods. Itʼs her hope to share education, awareness, and resources that strengthen and enrich the parenting experience. Taryn is dedicated to caring for mothers, infants, and families after birth – nourishing the heart, soul, and body of clients.

Taryn has started Moonshadow Postpartum Care, a full service doula cooperative, to provide education and care throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Services include: postpartum doula support, prenatal childbirth education and breastfeeding classes, lactation counseling, and sibling support for births and the first 12 weeks postpartum.

Phone: 503-680-5556

Cre’shea Hilton

creshea-hiltonPhone: 503.999.2258
Areas Serviced:
Salem, Keizer, Santiam Canyon
Fee: Postpartum Fee Range of $25-35,
Labor Fee $600-1200

Postpartum Doula Bio:
As your postpartum doula I know how invaluable support after a baby can be. I offer the essentials that every family needs to get going on the right foot: Emotional support, strong baby feeding experiences (breastfeeding, bottle and/or formula), newborn care and many other accommodations that support you as you learn your new baby. You know what raising your baby looks like and I am not there to change that. I provide you unbiased non-judgmental support while you traverse the following days and weeks of having a baby. Basic infant care, providing education as it is needed and supporting you as the weary hours may feel like too much. I give families the opportunity to rest, replenish and get started on the right foot in a way that feels right for them. As your doula I provide you with a safe environment for transitioning into parenthood. I support all family dynamics and look forward to working with you.

Birth Doula Bio:
As your birth doula I aim to be an important facet of your birth support team. I provide unbiased, non-judgmental support in whichever way you choose to birth.
Whether you decide to birth at home or the hospital or with an OB/GYN or a Midwife, I support all types of birth. My specialties lie in supporting high risk, VBAC and unique family dynamics. I am on call and work with a fellow doula to be on call from the minute you sign my services. If you deliver at 28 weeks or at 42 you can be rest assured that a doula will be at your birth. My many experiences with birth allow me to support you in your birth vision and however it feels best for you. As your doula I work professionally with other staff to support you during one of your most pivotal moments in your life.

Specialities Postpartum:
Multiples, Cesarean Support, Day/Night support, Cooking for all dietary needs, LGBTQ Families, Surrogacy, Belly Binding

Specialities Labor:
VBAC, High Risk, Cesarean, LGBTQ Families, Surrogacy

Merriah Fairchild

Merriah Fairchild

Merriah FairchildBridgetown Baby Postpartum Doula Services
(503) 970-9554

Serving East Portland Metro Area, Clackamas County and Vancouver
Daytime and Nighttime shifts available
Fee: Sliding Scale
Free initial in-home consultation

Every baby is a life-changing gift.  But the transition can sometimes feel overwhelming.  I can help provide a bridge of support as you grown into your new life.

As a certified postpartum doula and lactation consultant (IBCLC), I provide non-judgemental physical, emotional and informational support after your birth.  I will offer a range of supportive services to nurture you and to aid in the transition of adding a new member to your family including; support with self-care and postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and general newborn care, help with household tasks such as laundry, light cleaning, running errands and preparing meals.

My role at times may be as simple as holding your baby while you shower or sleep, or talking with you about your experiences as a parent.  As your postpartum doula, I will also act as a source of information, providing referrals as needed.

At the end of the day, my goal is to work myself out of a job by empowering you to care for your growing family with confidence and strength.

Chelsea Bennett

Chelsea BennettSweet Stalk Doula Services
(503) 801-6942

I have always known that I would end up in a career that involved working intimately with others, one that filled my heart and the people around me.  I have found that in my work as a postpartum doula.  I aim to help you be confident, connected and rested in the precious moments to months after birth.  I have a certificate in herbal medicine and can offer you herbal support for your recovering body and spirit postpartum.  This may mean drawing you a nice warm bath with a tea of healing flowers in it, and holding your baby while you soak.  Or making a comforting nipple salve to keep at your breastfeeding station, next to your glass of water and snacks.  I have worked many years with families here in portland as a nanny and cherish my connection with the parents and kiddos.  In 2013 I started working as a postpartum doula.  In Portland we are lucky to have many resources for new moms, from free breastfeeding support groups to baby momma fitness classes and even a dad’s group.  I can help you get connected to the community and provide you with information on newborn care and tips for understanding your baby’s cues and calming him or her.  Ultimately I believe that you are the expert when it comes to your baby and I support you with the least amount of intervention possible as you and your little one bond and get to know each other.

Please look at my website for rates and more information at

*CPR certified
*Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Oregon State University
*Certificate of Herbal Studies
*experience with multiples
*overnights or day shifts
*12 years of experience working with children and families

Julia-Rose Furman

Julia-Rose FurmanWildflower Doula Services
(503) 927-2557

I serve families from SE Portland, to Oregon City, to Sandy

Fee: $20-$35/hr sliding scale with bartering options available

I offer tenderhearted, non-judgmental, support in the early weeks and months postpartum. Through education, modeling, and encouragement, I empower parents to become adept in their new roles so they can nurture their newborns with joy, confidence and peace.

Having a baby is a big deal! Don’t forget about the 4th trimester… Most parents read books on pregnancy and and labor, take childbirth classes, decorate the baby’s room, etc but don’t take the same amount of time to prepare for the actual parenting that lasts far longer than pregnancy and childbirth. I’m here to help you with understanding your baby’s cues, creating an enjoyable breastfeeding relationship, finding times to take some much needed naps, learning how to care for, swaddle, soothe your newborn, and to ensure you are eating nutritious foods that aid in healing and making delicious milk for your baby. Come on over to my website and contact me so we can meet.

Doula Match


Nikki Peters

Nikki PetersNikki Peters
Postpartum Doula
~Greater Portland area~
Phone: 503-332-8436

My mission is to provide women-centered and individualized care for mother, father, partner, baby and family with the least amount of intervention, while still protecting the well-being of the mother and baby; I provide evidence based education and referrals. I provide emotional and physical support while allowing the family to bond with the new baby. When things get crazy, Create your own calm.

I currently work full time at Oregon Reproductive Medicine as a Nursing Service Coordinator. I adore my job and the work that I do to help families with the long process of getting pregnant. I watch these families spend so much of there time and effort in the process of getting pregnant, and then spend little to no time preparing for the baby to come. This is what inspired me to become a postpartum doula. I want to be there for families from the beginning to the end. I am not only reaching out to my current patients, I am reaching out to all moms. Not just for the educational support, but for all types of support.

I have experience in loss, adoption
*Central Oregon Community College-Addiction Studies Counseling
*Everest Institute-Medical Assistant Certification (I certified through NCMA)
*Birthingway College of Midwifery-Postpartum Doula
*Working with Multiples: Advanced training
*Adult and Infant CPR certified

Corinne Friedrich

Corinne FriedrichCorinne Friedrich, Postpartum Doula, Labor Doula
Clackamas County and Greater Portland Area
p: 971-295-8156

I came upon doula work in 2010 when I thought my calling was to become a midwife; after researching many different schools across the U.S., I knew Birthingway was the right one for me. I discovered that their labor doula training was one of the prerequisites to apply to the midwifery program, so I dutifully took it and completed it, knowing that I had to be patient until I could start my midwifery training.

But a funny thing happened…. other doulas began asking me to attend births with them and back them up, and I did, reluctantly, until I slowly began to realize that doula work was actually where I found my heart and dedication to be.

I have now been a labor and birth doula since 2010, and a postpartum doula since 2012. I believe the most important skills and aspects I can give as a postpartum doula are the nurturance of the mother, baby, and family unit as a whole. Each family is very unique, and therefore has various needs, wants and preferences. I work with you to individualize my services to you and your family in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way.