Caryn Chastain

(503) 954-8723
Serving the majority of Clackamas County & the beautiful City of Portlandia

My name is Caryn, mother of two beautiful daughters, Isabella 16 and Deja 19. I’m 41 years old and have been working hard manual labor for 20 years. Looking back at my lifes accomplishments I knew I needed a change. Something was missing, I needed to do something closer to my heart, I needed to be of service to community. That change came in the form divine intervention. Remembering my own birth experiences I was most glad that I had a great support system around me. Then it donned on me, helping be the support that a woman and her family needs during labor. This I thought is something near to my heart.

Give me a jingle and we can set up an interview to see if we are comparable!

If you choose me as your Doula here is what you can expect. There is a $0-$700 fee & am open to bartering & payment plans. This includes 2 prenatal visits to discuss your birth vision and plan & to become comfortable with one other. Unlimited talk and text from the time of hire to two weeks postpartum. I need to be at the labor (obviously hahaha), where I will be ‘on call’ for you starting two weeks prior to your due date up until you deliver and one to two hours after birth. And last but not least I will come by for a postnatal visit (possibly 2) where we will process your birth story and talk about caring for your newborn (and assure that there is nothing else I can do for you).

If I can ease your labor in anyway, then I have done my job. I’m not the outline of a doula I’m custom fit to your page. Whatever your vision of birth is, is my vision as well. I Hold space for you by offering physical and emotional support for not only you but your family as well…

Can’t wait to hear from you and connect on this journey…Yours in Service Light and Love….Caryn (Educating, Encouraging, & Empowering)