We’re Selling our Building

If you have visited or driven by Birthingway’s campus in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed the big red “For Sale” sign at the driveway entrance. We’ve called the big farmhouse on Foster Road our home since 1999. In our time here, we’ve shared a strong commitment to provide a warm and homey environment where our students have grown into truly excellent practitioners of the midwifery arts and sciences.

It’s with some sadness, but also excitement, that we are leaving a building which has served as a container for so much growth, wisdom, and community; however, we have reached a point in our lifecycle as an organization where we need to let go so we can free up some of our resources. Come the new year, Birthingway’s staff will begin moving to a more flexible, remote office setup. Taking this step will allow us to be more nimble as we continue to serve our current students and consider what’s next.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in purchasing this beautiful, craftsman-style building, please direct them to our listing.