General Grounds

The Birthingway campus was once a residential property. In the time we’ve been located here, we’ve taken this land and created a welcoming campus where community members and students can relax and learn. There are several seating areas, bench swings, and picnic tables throughout the campus for studying, lunching, and even outdoor classes!

We fondly refer to our grounds as a Learning Gardens Campus. We believe that this view of the campus as a giant classroom encourages our community to engage with plants and herbalism on many levels.

Groundskeeping Philosophy

Birthingway approaches landscaping through a lens of organic and permaculture care. More information on this approach can be found in our Landscape Philosophy. Our landscaping is based on the use of Pacific Northwest Native plants that are best adapted to our climate. The result is an area that requires minimal care and looks more natural.

Medicinal Herb Gardens

One thing many people notice about Birthingway is the large herb garden right on Foster Road. This is our medicinal herb garden, used as a way to highlight how to grow specific herbs, plant identification, and, in limited circumstances, proper harvesting techniques. Students interested in actively studying the medicinal garden should register for our Botanicals or Plant Medicine series. Community members and students not registered in the courses are welcome to spend time in the herb garden to simply observe the more than 75 different plant species.


For information on parking, both on campus and off campus, visit our Google parking map.