After 28 years, Birthingway College of Midwifery will not accept a new cohort in 2022.

In December 2021, the Birthingway Board of Directors met in an executive session to discuss several issues impacting the future of the college. After a thorough and thoughtful evaluation of all options, the Board came to the tough decision not to move forward with our online program and not to accept new students. It is with sadness and broken hearts that we share this news.

We will continue our teach-out commitment to our currently enrolled students. No new applications will be accepted.

Birthingway has trained practitioners of the midwifery arts and sciences for close to 30 years. During that time, we’ve experienced and witnessed a lot of change both internally and in the external landscape of midwifery and higher education. Despite the challenging circumstances leading to the decision of the Board, we would like to highlight the hard work and unwavering dedication of our staff. While successfully navigating the pandemic they also built a virtual, relationship-centered, competency-based program that would have been ready to launch in 2022. We are disappointed that the large group of new, excited, and engaged students will not be able to enroll in the program our staff worked so hard to create. While we are sad to know this work will not move forward, we understand the circumstances faced by the Board, the care taken in their deliberations, and we support their decision not to accept new cohorts.

A Note from Holly:
From the school’s birth around my dining room table in 1993, through years of in-person learning, and most recently, embracing online courses, Birthingway has responded with resilience and dedication in fulfilling our mission – to educate excellent practitioners of the midwifery arts and sciences. Our past students bring extensive knowledge, skillful hands, and committed hearts to their work, helping birthing people and their families through the life-changing experiences of childbirth. I am proud of every one of them! As we all move forward, the need for physiology-based midwifery care and support for informed choice will only grow. I’m optimistic that a new generation of midwifery educators and enthusiastic students will meet those needs.

Holly Scholles
Founder and President

Midwifery Birthingway will continue our teach-out commitment to currently enrolled students. No new applications to the Midwifery Program will be accepted. For those seeking education in the art and science of midwifery, we are so sorry we are unable to serve you. You can learn more about alternative MEAC-Accredited midwifery schools here.
Birthingway does not have plans to offer any new continuing education workshops; however, you can find out more about our on-demand workshop offerings here.

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