Pathway 2


Graduates of our Lactation Consultation Pathway 2 Program earn an Associate of Science in Lactation Consultation. Pathway 2 consists of 90 quarter credit hours, including:

  • Program-specific coursework
  • General Education coursework
  • Clinical training credits

The primary resource for current program requirements is our Student Handbook and Catalog.

Recommended Course Sequence

We provide a recommended course sequence, which serves as a guide toward program completion.

The sequence begins with foundational and introductory courses, and builds towards more complicated material that is, in part, dependent upon student knowledge acquired in earlier courses.

General Education credits are incorporated in the recommended course sequence; however, these must be completed at an approved, outside institution and transferred to Birthingway. See our Student Handbook and Catalog for more information on transferring credits.

The Lactation Consultation Pathway 2 Program is designed to be completed in two years by attending full-time and registering for all courses in the recommended sequence.

Birthingway Breastfeeding Centerbfc_web

The Birthingway Breastfeeding Center is offered as a clinical site to our currently enrolled Pathway 2 students. Students may apply to participate in consultations and support through Birthingway’s Breastfeeding Center in addition to working with IBCLCs in other settings. Prerequisites apply and Birthingway does not guarantee clinical training placement or clinical training hours.

Financial Aid

Enrolled Lactation Consultation Pathway 2 Program students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid. However, you may be eligible for other financial aid. Contact our Financial Aid Officer to learn more.

For More Information

Please contact our Lactation Consultation Program Coordinator.