Erin Gillis

Erin Gillis, IBCLC
After years of immersing herself in all things motherhood, Erin earned an Associate of Lactation Consulting degree from Birthingway College of Midwifery. A proud mother of four, Erin has had a variety of personal birth, breastfeeding, postpartum, and parenting experiences that have further inspired her devotion and commitment to providing new and expanding families with the compassionate, individualized care and support that everyone deserves.

Miracle of Nurture

Sarah Longwell

Sarah Longwell, IBCLC
When her first baby was one week old, Sarah stumbled into a local breastfeeding support group and found her tribe. She discovered her path to motherhood in the comfort and collective wisdom of the women she met there. Several years later, with both kids in school, Sarah was ready to go back to work, but found her passion for marketing had been replaced with a passion for supporting parents and their babies. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Sarah is proud to help parents follow their instincts about their infants, providing sound evidence-based advice and empathy beginning in pregnancy and through every stage of babyhood.

Miracle of Nurture

Ara Greenfield

Ara Greenfield, IBCLC
Ara’s lifelong interest in birth and breastfeeding led her to study Community Health at Portland State University, with an emphasis in Maternal and Child Health. After graduation and a decade staying home raising her children, Ara discovered the Associates of Lactation Consultation program at Birthingway College in 2012. Since graduation, she has been serving families with breastfeeding and postpartum support. Ara finds it both an honor and a privilege to support families during such a profoundly meaningful time in their lives.

Miracle Of Nurture

Olivia Murphy

My name is Olivia Murphy and I am a student labor doula at Birthingway College of Midwifery. Originally from the Bay Area, I moved to Portland five years ago and love the great Pacific Northwest. I have a long history of childcare work, starting as a high-school babysitter. I have worked in a pre-school and am currently a professional in-home nanny. Birth work, in a lot of ways, is the a natural next step for me. My only goal is to help you achieve your ideal birth experience, whatever that may look like for you. I believe in the great power that lies within women’s bodies.

I consider myself reliable and resourceful, and I will be equally comfortable working intimately with your family as doing fact-based research to help you answer your questions. I can be a calm presence and friendly face at a emotional and momentous time for you and your family. I would relish the opportunity to be your doula.

Bullet points! Because everyone loves a quick read:

  • I am located in SE Portland but will work anywhere in the greater Portland area.
  • I have attended births before, you will not be my first. (But cherished nonetheless!)
  • My philosophy is essentially, “you do you!” I want to help you in whatever way you want me to.
  • I’m organized, prompt, and an intiative-taker. I’m dedicated to my work.
  • I was raised in a female-heavy, Jewish household: I’m a good talker and a great listener.

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